What is it?

This is a financial playground, i.e. it helps you generate cash flows, get some basic statistics about them (NPV etc), do arithmetics on them (it's way more than just add and multiply), bundle them into portfolios and share them (you can have a permanent link).

How can I use it?

To start with, you could take a look on examples to see what you can get and on tutorial to see how you can get it.

You could reproduce the credit that your bank offers to you, play yourself with parameters and eventually send it to your financially savvy friend or post it on some forum to get advice tailored to your case.

Where does it come from?

The idea of cffiddle.net was inspired by jsfiddle.net, a JavaScript code playground. You could find a dozen of "fiddles" on different topics (SQL, .NET etc) out there.


The site is currently under active development (as of July 2015), you could follow @CFfiddle for updates.

The site is provided "as is" with no express or implied warranty for accuracy or accessibility. The site's creator(s), contributors and users accept no responsibility or liability for any incorrect material or incorrectly functioning service.


For feedback, suggestions, spotted typos etc send an email to cffiddle@gmail.com